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Tour aboard Suezmax tanker
NEWNEWNEW MARITIME VIRTUAL TOURS: Aboard Gas Carrier; through PANAMA Canal and BOSPHORE aboard merchant ship! Hundreds of photographs!

Tour aboard Suezmax tanker "Front Fighter"
Wheelhouse | Engine room | Deck | Pump room | Loading/discharging

Detailed ship's information
General info | Machinery equipment | Deck equipment | Cargo handling equipment

Crude Oil Carrier
1998 built center bulkhead Suezmax tanker
  • Double skin design
  • Segregated Ballast Tanks Ballasting/deballasting is performed concurrently with cargo handling, thus avoid delays due to interruptions in loading/discharging operations
  • Programmable washing machines installed in all cargo tanks to minimize amount of residues after discharge
  • Computerized planned maintenance system
  • Heating in all cargo spaces
  • Cargo control room with all cargo handling and safety functions
  • Stability, fully sufficient for all normal cargo operations without specific limitations of slack tanks during loading of discharging
  • All safety functions related to bridge
  • Remote level gauging by tanks radars
  • Monitoring system for hydrocarbon gas in ballast tanks and pump room
  • Monitoring system for O2 and H2S in cargo pump room
  • Ballast tanks possible to inert
  • Vapour return system as per OCIMF guidelines and U.S.C.G. regulations installed
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NEWNEWNEW Maritime Virtual Tours: Aboard Gas Carrier; through PANAMA Canal and BOSPHORE aboard merchant ship! Hundreds of photographs!

153 DWT class crude oil carrier
Vessel sizes   Deadweight
GP General Purpose 16,500 24,999
MR Medium Range 25,000 44,999
LR1 Large/Long Range1 45,000 79,999
LR2 Large/Long Range 2 80,000 159,999
Aframax   75,000 110,000
Suezmax   110,000 150,000
VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier 160,000 319,999
ULCC Ultra Large Crude Carrier 320,000 549,000
Capesize Any vessel, usually carrying dry bulk cargoes, that is too big to navigate the Panama or Suez Canals.

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