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Single screw tanker with six(6) pairs of cargo oil tanks, six(6) pairs of water ballast tanks and two(2) slop tanks. Double skin hull with all the strengthening elements placed in ballast spaces, cargo oil tanks almost free from obstructions. Accommodation, engine room and pump room are located aft.
Class Det Norske Veritas classed and registered as +1A1. Tanker for Oil ESP, EO. CSA-1, LCS(SID)


The cruising range is about 20,300 nautical miles at normal continuous rating(NCR). fuel consumption at NCR is about 58.2 mt/day of heavy fuel with a lower heating value of 9 700 kcal/kg The average service speed is about 15.0 knots at designed draft, leaving speed and consumption, with clean bottom in calm and deep sea. in relation to different draft as follow.

Speed (Knots) Fuel consumption (mt/day)
Ballast draft Design draft Scantling draft
13 33.4 39.6 43.0
14 40.7 49.2 53.3
15 49.9 60.8 66.4


Length over all 269.19 m = 883.2 ft
Length between p. p 258.00 m = 846.5 ft
Breadth, moulded 46.00 m = 150.9 ft
Depth, moulded 24.40 m = 80.1ft
Draught on summer freeboard 17.521m = 57.5ft
Deadweight on this draft 153.181 mt
Draught designed 16.221m = 53.2ft
Deadweight on this draft 138.952 mt
Draught ballast condition 8.25 m = 27.07ft
Deadweight on this draft 55.700 mt

(Ballast 53000, HFO 2000, MDO 100, FW 300, STORES etc 300)
Parallel body length (loaded, summer) 136.4 m = 447.5 ft
Parallel body length (normal ballast) 113.7 m = 373.0 ft
Distance from bow to bridge 224.14 m = 735.4 ft
Distance from stern to bridge 45.05 m = 147.8 ft
Distance from bridge to center of manifold 88.80 m = 291.3 ft
Distance from bow to center of manifold 135.34 m = 444.0 ft
Distance from stern to center of manifold 133.85 m = 439.1 ft
Height keel to top of mast 49.911 m
Height keel to center of manifold 26.521 m
Light ship weight 22.000 mt


  Gross RT Net RT
International 79.669 48.785
Suez 82.200 75.400




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