m/t 'Front Fighter' You are on the tour around a ship
beginning | wheelhouse | engine room | deck | pump room
sounds of the engine room
watch and listen
When the alarm sounds evacuate at once.
After 30 seconds from alarm sounding CO2 fire extinguishing gas being released.
Engine Control Room Engine room main engine - top
engine room Auxiliary generators engine room
lub oil and fuel oil purifiers engine room Fresh water generator
Main engine- middle level Main engine - local control Cargo and ballast turbines
Main engine - bottom Main engine Main engine - bottom
engine room - bottom
Bottom of the engine room

Sounds of the Engine Room
watch and listen

Auxiliary Diesel Generator (56K)
Engine Control Room (56K)
Main Engine (56K)
Siren (56K)

Note: each clip should sound 5s
ships funnel - inside
Inside of ships funnel
piston overhauling piston overhauling deck

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